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Registration fee payment

All payments must be made via Internet Banking or Demand Draft made payable to RECYCLE, IIT Guwahati. If Payment is made by D D, kindly send DD to the address of Prof. Ajay S. Kalamdhad (Prof. Ajay S. Kalamdhad, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Guwahati details to the link below.

Account Details: 

Account Name– RECYCLE
Bank- State Bank of India 
Branch- IIT Guwahati 
Account No.- 35393179818 
IFSC No.- SBIN0014262 


All the attending participants are required to pay the registration fee. If an attending participant wishes to avail the certificate for their non-attending co-author, they can pay a registration fee of Rs 750/-.


Registration fee

Indian Nationals

  • Faculty members: INR 7500/- + 18 % GST
  • Post Doc: INR 7500/- + 18% GST
  • Research Scholars: INR 5500/- + 18% GST
  • M.Tech and B.Tech Students: INR 3000/- + 18% GST

Foreign Attendees

  • Online Mode: USD 120/-
  • Offline Mode: USD 150/-
Industry Experts
  • NGOs and Startups: 7500/- + 18% GST
  • Industries: 10000/- + 18% GST


  • Click on the following link for the abstract format. Make sure that the abstracts are uploaded in the mentioned format. Click here
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Frequently Asked Questions

The participant may opt for either an oral or poster presentation and the mode of presentation will be allotted on the basis of participant’s choice as well as the quality of the paper. We will defer this judgment to the reviewer. 


All the accepted abstracts will be made available to the participants in the form of conference proceedings. In addition, if the papers are found to be suitable after evaluation, they will be submitted as journal or book chapters, depending on reviewer feedback.


Yes. We have received positive replies from Scopus-indexed journals for a special issue. We are currently finalising the journal for the proceedings publication.



  1. Waste Management Policies and its Legislation
    1. Need for appropriate and updated legislation
    2. Public concern and education
    3. WM assessment and decision tools
    4. Strategy, planning and sustainable management
  2. Generation, Collection, storage and transportation of Solid waste
    1. Waste generation and characterization in urban/rural areas
    2. Case studies
    3. Transfer stations and transportation of wastes.
    4. Storage Containers, schemes
  3. Biological treatment and energy production
    1. Composting
    2. Vermicomposting
    3. Anaerobic Digestion
    4. Pretreatment for further processing
  4. Thermal treatment and advanced technologies
    1. Combustion/Incineration
    2. Gasification
    3. Pyrolysis
    4. Plasma Arc Technology
  5. Reduce, reuse, recycle, remediation concepts & implementation strategies
    1. Sustainable waste utilization
    2. Recycling methods
    3. Case Studies
    4. Processing and quantification
  6. Wastewater treatment and reuse
    1. Physical, chemical and biological treatment.
    2. Recent advancements in treatment technologies.
    3. Phytoremediation of wastewaters
    4. Constructed Wetlands
  7. Landfilling
    1. Waste disposal
    2. Landfill mining
    3. Leachate collection and treatment
    4. Design, equipment and technology
  8. Any other issues in solid waste 
    1. Life Cycle and Environment Impact Assessment
    2. Hazardous waste management
    3. Bio-Medical waste management
    4. Climate change: Causes, impact, adaptation and mitigation.